Passionate about good stories...

storytellers...and sharing their stories with the world, no matter the medium...

Unapologetic Transmedia Overlords.

Parent company of Foxhead Books, Trebius Records, Eat Me Records, Parallax Online, Bideosutorimu, Impact Fieldworks, and The Nursery.
  • 1Artist Owned and Operated

    We know our clients because we've been there too.

  • 2Supporting Excellent Content

    We help artists create, foster and market their world-changing messages.

  • 3Lean and Nimble

    PMO leverages its position in the new media landscape by staying lean and moving nimbly.

  • 4Risk Takers

    We take informed risks to bring new, compelling art to the marketplace.

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  • Potemkin Media Omnibus, Ltd.
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  • 1-888-345-5847